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 Members ship setups

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Posts : 138
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PostSubject: Members ship setups   Sat Mar 03, 2012 12:12 am

So what do You fit your ship with? What guns, engines, hull and comptuers and why?

Posted by Lubby

Advanced War Raider here.....and i use 2 setups....my mining setup for example is the one with 2 boosters cuz i go for speed there and a scanner of course^^
but my main setup is this:

Weaons: 5 Short Guns
cuz there r the best imo.....
vs strikes its most of teh time a turning fight and i have no energy problems and thanks to the much higher dps they r booom pretty fast^^
vs escorts i have no energy problems most of teh time too if i am not wrong.....didnt noticed it yet atleast if i am honest and i kill most escorts in a 1 vs 1.....
vs liners i have energy problems but i had em with mid guns too....so it doesnt rly matter imo...and liners have such big blindspots that tehy die in a 1 vs 1 anyways nomatter which guns i use^^

Computers: Weapon boost, Avoidence boost and Avoidence Hack
Pretty easy why....its my combat setup.....so i dont want to run....i want to kill my enemy as fast as possible....thats why activate the weapons boost and the avoidence hack as soon i am in fire range and then i activate the avoidence boost as soon my enemy is firing at me.....works pretty good

Hull: 3 Hull Plates

Pretty easy why.....I use 5 short range guns which take away energy pretty fast....if I would use dc packs then my energy would die even faster......and the higher recovery isnt worth anything for me...cuz like i said i aint runnin often to heal cuz i dont have the speed in this setup....so 3 hull plates r the best choice for me (even with the much worser turn rate but will explain later why^^)

Engines: 1 Rcs Ducting, 2 Rcs Slides
Yes you have read right lol....I use 2 rcs slides.....why??? because my trunrate with 3 hull plates rly sucks and i would be toast in a 1 vs 1 against all strikes with better turnrate......but here comes my rcs slides^^
Someone attacks me....I click rcs slide.....and just turn his way....i have 5 short range guns level 11 atm so when we facing eachother he is most probably toast....if he runs then i follow him and thats the moment when most players come back cuz they think they can turn better.....but suprise suprise I activate my 2nd rcs slide then and most of teh time they r toast^^

Thats my favourite setup....i bet there r better once and i dont win every single fight cuz there is also the ammo fact (i use most of the time only white tips) but i am pretty happy with it.....

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Posts : 138
Join date : 2012-01-31
Age : 39

PostSubject: Re: Members ship setups   Sat Mar 03, 2012 12:13 am

posted by atlasalpha

my current setup on Advanced Banshee;
6 Long range cannons: for missiles and fleeing strikes.
3 Turbo Boosters: speed is essential for the banshee for getting in and out of fights
1 Gyro-Stabilizer: some high level strikes will circle so fast as to get in the the very small blind spot in no time, also helps with the blitz attacking and getting out of a fight you can't win,
1 Drive Overcharge: a relic from the time when tylium reserves were close to zero, going to change it to RCS Ducting after I get some levels on the Turbo Boosters.
2 Hull Plating: at present, switching one of them between Damage Control and System Redundancy depending on what I'm fighting at the moment and the amount of DC packs I have available.
1 Targeting Computer: for the added damage, because the dps on long range guns isn't the best, might be switching this for an avoidance comp when I get some more levels on my guns.
1 Avionics Comp: can't tell how many times this one has been just enough to out run somebody aiming for the killing shot, or how many times this has been enough to keep up with the fleeing strike or escort, also helps a ton to manouver into to blind spot of lines.

any pointers welcome
for mining I use my Hel
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Posts : 138
Join date : 2012-01-31
Age : 39

PostSubject: Re: Members ship setups   Sat Mar 03, 2012 12:15 am

posted by slaine

I do most of my dailies, excpet mining and plats in my War Raider so will just give that set up.

3 General purpose guns (lvl 10) and 2 short range guns (lvl 10). Goes: GP, SR, GP, SR GP.

1 Enhanced sensors (lvl 10), 1 Weapons boost (lvl 10) and 1 Cluster hardening (lvl10)

1 Gryo (lvl10), 1 Hull plating (lvl 10) and 1 DC (lvl 10)

2 Over chargers (lvl 10)

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PostSubject: Re: Members ship setups   

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Members ship setups
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