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 Advance Fenrir

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PostSubject: Advance Fenrir   Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:38 pm

Standard Fenrir

Standard fenrir cost 135,000 cubits.
5 engines
2 hulls
2 computers
8 weapons

Upgrading modules

upgrading items on liners are very expensive. 1 cannon at level 10 cost about 140,000 cubits.
So its worth baring in mine that u need to spent a lot of time in mining water or even buy cubits.
If u ever consider buying cubits , u should log on a saturday between 4pm to 7pm. there is usually a happy hour which lets u buy one pack and get the same amount for free.

Advance fenrir
Advance adds 1 extra hull and 1 extra computer slot. cost 100,000 cubits.

5 engines
3 hulls
3 computers
8 weapons
Advance fenrir is very good for intercepting targets and coming to a squad members aid.

For hulls i am using the standard hull plating.

i have tested having 1 composite ht armour but found i would really need to be using dc packs with it. i also tried a armor one but found it doesnt help much. so i would probably recommend the 2 or 3 standard hull platings. if u wanted to try the armor ht one might be good also.


i use 5 turbo boosters. my current levels are 14, 13, 12,10,10. i get top speed of 67.3.
i sometimes take off 2 boosters and replace them with 2 rcducting(avoidance buff).
i also sometimes use 1 rcslide.
i would not recommend the overdrives.


speed debuff, scylla avoidance debuff and gun buff.

I also use scanner, speed buff, avoidance buff.

conbination i use for pvp is speed buff, speed debuff and scylla debuff. sometimes use gun buff instead of speed buff.


best guns would be long range or the experimental ones which reload as the same time as short range cannons.
i wouldnt have all guns short range. Originally i used to use 4 long and 4 short.
Using 6 experimentals will drain your power quickly..so i still use at least 2 short range on one side and 2 experimentals on the other. the rest long range.


if u use them, put them all on one side..so u can have 2 targets..

Missles:- long range are the best..multi targetting for mislles are best.
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Advance Fenrir
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