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 ship fitting

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Laxiel Stell

Posts : 28
Join date : 2012-02-12

PostSubject: ship fitting   Fri Feb 17, 2012 5:28 am

could someone give me a ship setup for a banshee that works well solo hunting and group hunting please
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Posts : 43
Join date : 2012-02-08

PostSubject: Re: ship fitting   Fri Feb 17, 2012 6:08 am

i've an adv banshee on kobol. i love it, good choice Wink


first - cannons.
escorts have serious power needs so while all shorts look great on paper for damage output i suggest using 2 sr crit cannons as rear strike defence and 2 lr range cannons as your front guns. (when your sneaking up on someone unnoticed remember to use 'g' to turn all your guns off untill within the sr cannons range - about 900) once its advanced, if you go for that, use 2 lr, 2 sr and 2 sr crit. the crit cannons are multi targeting which takes a bit of getting used to but helps to keep damaging your target if you need to take down some missiles with your other 4 guns which will all follow your main target. you can go for 4 sr crits but the lr just misses most missiles. you can lock all cannons on at once if they are all turned off and you press g. i use g alot.

you have 4 engines unadvanced and i suggest at least 2 are rcs ducts. you can go all boost if you like, it does help but lvling them up only to switch them out once you no longer need to run as often is a waste. i use 3 rcs, a gyro and a slide on my adv.

obviously, a scanner. mining is much quicker in a bansee so lvl this up asap and grinding easy drones in cerebero (to the right of our spawn point, within that cloud of asteroids) was the best way i found to gather the needed tyl for buying more ammo in the unadvanced banshee. just keep going there, using up whatever ammo you have to kill as many as possible then sell the loot to replace it and you should be able to buy much more than you've used. but your in a great wing so gathering tyl shouldnt be a problem unlike my solo activity on kobol.
the other computer slot, for me, was always a damage buff. again, when sneaking up or mining a toid, using g to turn all your guns off until your sr are in range and then using the damage buff after turning on your guns back on saves waste.

hull is more tricky, it depends what you want to fly against most (or end up flying against)
i use a repair and an armor as its usually a cloud of strikes that kill me. i can still run from all lines without any boosts equiped. it might be more worth using 2 hp or 2 ap until your repair skill and energy regen skills are higher.

have fun Wink
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Laxiel Stell

Posts : 28
Join date : 2012-02-12

PostSubject: Re: ship fitting   Fri Feb 17, 2012 6:13 am

ok thanks
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Posts : 138
Join date : 2012-01-31
Age : 39

PostSubject: Re: ship fitting   Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:47 pm

My banshee setup would be the following:

3 Turbo boosters
2 rcducting
6 short range cannons

for computers i would u several.

buff speed computer
buff gun computer
debuff avoidance
plus a scanner when needed.

with the new type of guns now available, i would probably go for one of thoses, as i think its a quicker cool down. I wouldnt use the mult-targeting ones. Also for u might be good idea to have 2 long range as well..or to go all long range..
I know Crazy Woman uses long range cannons..
TBH, i never use my banshee since i got the Liche which is great once teh hull is upgraded.

The hull -

I used standard ones as that was all that for available. If u like to be up close, u should go for short guns, and hull which increases teh armour value, HP and critical offence. so, maybe 1 normal Hull plating and 1 armour and Hp. or critical one.

If u like being a fair distance from teh target, should long range.

For more help. u should try chatting to Crazy woman..Turtling or Maxwell. they are the escort experts.
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PostSubject: Re: ship fitting   

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ship fitting
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