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 Why chose the Advance War Raider??

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PostSubject: Why chose the Advance War Raider??   Tue Jan 31, 2012 11:33 pm

posted by concordia3000

Some things that I hope will help:
1. Choose to by Cylon on Tauron server.
2. Rider not heavy rider is your first ship.
3. Do not upgrade rider buy war rider instead. Upgraded war rider maybe your last ship you buy for long time.
4. Scanner lvl10 is your best investment it is first thing you should spend your money on. Because of scanner you will have cubits to buy the rest .
5. In the game only cubits are important you may think tylium is but you are wrong.
6. Congrats you are a miner. Asteroids with water are what you need. Forget planetoids are not that effective. Don’t waste 100 cubits for tylium planetoid. If you are alone just do not claim planetoids at all, join squad and ask if they help you.
7. Try not to use more than 1 mining gun and do not put much money in it. In rider more than 2 guns would make huge energy problems. Sooner or later you will use only normal guns for mining.
8. You can buy different equipment for your ship but do not upgrade beyond lvl3 if you just want to try it.
9. Buy and upgrade 2 boosters as fast as you can instead your guns. It cost less, you will not kill higher lvls but can run sometimes to save your ass. You will never have higher damage than them but you can be faster than only a few!!! Don’t spend much more on other boosters.
10. You need speed boost computer and damage boost computer. Speed boost computer will also help you turn better for 5 sec .
11. You want to be fast buy slide. It extends your comp boost time and is better than third booster. You can use it also in combat to have guns on target for longer.
12. Your radar does not work at all forget it. Map ‘m’ key is what you should use often. It is only thing that will help you to survive. Its transparent but you will not see chat or rest of the hud when map is on.
13. I lied - ‘x’ key will save your ass too. It targets nearest enemy NPC or player. Press it often.
14. You have also 2 other magical keys you don’t know anything about: ‘z’ targets nearest missile (can be behind you), ‘p’ turns on and off names above your target boxes.
15. Quests will give you cubits, try to do mining and asteroids scan when not so many players online – more resources for you, not so many vipers that will kill you. Do it as quick as you can to have higher chance in combat without scanning computer. Late night and early mornings are the best imho. Kill drones in Cerberro where you can mine also (top right corner), Hatir I like for thylium and titanium. During scanning quest in enemy systems do it quick and collect only water. Jump in and out the system to scan only safe area close to spawn point if you need.
16. Mining asteroids and killing NPC will get you killed. You decide how and when to do it. It takes less than 5 sec for viper pilot to kill you and they will do it always if you are lvl10 or higher. I do not advise fighting NPC at all, they do not drop cubits and mining asteroids is more profitable. Elite NPC drop tuning kits but I got only one so far. NPC are only annoying distraction made by BP so I refuse to kill it. You need NPC just for practice and must kill them when you defend your mine – rest is your choice but most players kill NPC.
17. You see higher lvl strike – jump, run, go to closest higher lvl line or escort, go to OP and dock - do not let them kill you your time will come soon. Do not shoot them – insta kill for you even when they low on hp trust me.
18. You do not move when shooting rock – insta death when spotted. Boost all the time when on the move – it costs only tylium, it is harder to kill you, gives you more time to react and sometimes can save you.
19. Death comes from above. Only ‘m’, ‘x’ or ‘space’ can save you use it often. Try use combat log it maybe early warning you are shoot at. You see high lvl strike in the system use local chat to tell others someone may do it for you later. Without targets strike will not stay in the system for long.
20. After jump – 1. max speed 2. Boost on 3. go below not above – humans do love to camp (Cylons do it too) – and because of bug you can even die before you see shooter so don’t be lazy. Don’t give campers satisfaction - they don’t deserve that kill. Just after choose system for jump on the map. It takes only second to press ‘j’ and long 15 sec to get there.
21. What guns should I buy? I don’t know. I used 2 long 2 medium, now I use 1 short 4 medium. You have to decide. Optimal range lvl10 guns: SR 350, MD 450, LG 550. How good you are? How close you can get behind enemy without being detected? Can you follow him close all the time to finish him? If you are faster he turns better or do more damage because instead of speed comp he has damage comp or he use slide and will keep you out of range. Energy is not a problem when use all medium guns when you kill strikes and escorts. Lines you will be short on energy even with long range guns. Short range guns shoot faster and you use your energy quicker. But you deal the same damage like MD or LR even if you run out of energy because energy regeneration limits you.
What do you want from the game? Its free to play but most the time you pay by scanning and shooting rocks, fighting NPC or siting on the mine. If you like to do this just upgrade to escort (banshee or liche your choice) or line as soon as possible. You will always need more titanium for repairs and cubits for upgrades – ALWAYS. So you will mine more and more and … If you are for PVP there is no other ship than War Rider that will allow you to do it more often and in most cases you will choose your opponent, place and time for the fight. You are invisible to the last moment. Your guns are low lvl? How can I fight against higher lvls? Just try and get better. You will die often. Death cost only titanium - not much for a strike pilot. There would be always someone with better skills, equipment or bigger wallet so they will own you - but not always Last question: Why do I need to work so hard to upgrade my ship when I do not use it for PVP?

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Why chose the Advance War Raider??
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