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 BSGO "Myth Busters". What's true, and what isn't.

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PostSubject: BSGO "Myth Busters". What's true, and what isn't.   Thu May 24, 2012 12:35 pm

After doing some random forum surfing, I came across a post from the BSGO "Myth Busters"

What this team does, it take questions that people do not know the answer to. Such as "does a Liche have a blindspot". So, being a nice Xtc member, I'm nicking their finds and posting them here! You never know, it might answer some questions... Wink

Confirmed - Escorts have had a huge increase in Accuracy in the August 31st Update. (Last year, I'm guessing.)

Confirmed - You can block a missile meant for someone else. (By flying into the missiles path)

Confirmed - For missile-launch: Damage buff must be active when the missiles are fired for it to have effect. When the damage buff wears off, the missiles that were fired when the buff was active WILL still have the extra damage.

Confirmed - Strike Avoidance is linked to throttle position and NOT to speed. (Also confirmed that RCS-Slide does not create a throttle cut-off and throttle is adjustable in slide mode)

Confirmed - Critical hits are based on x2 Multipliers. Meaning that every critical hit is twice the damage of a normal shot.

Confirmed - Any item marked in the store as "Experimental" has a limited time offer, and will be taken down at some point in the future.

Confirmed - The base percentage to hit is rated at 100% if within Optimal Range and Maximum Accuracy Skills.(*note* Base% never drops below 5% if target is within optimal range).

Confirmed - Damage buff gives better long term DPS (Damage per shot) despite the drain in energy.

Confirmed - Speed Buff + 3 Turbos + Slide is faster than 4 turbos over long range.

Confirmed - You show up on DRADIS (Radar) before appearing in a system. (During the 10 second 'safety' delay)

Confirmed - The War-Raider has a larger firing Arc than the Viper MK 7.

Confirmed - Upgrading 'Signal Processing' skills increase Asteroid scanner scan range.

Confirmed - Any skill you train takes immediate effect when you press the "Train" button.

Confirmed - Adding Overchargers will also increase your avoidance. (Only applies to strikes)

Confirmed - Enemy Missiles cannot be effected by Electronic Warfare.

Confirmed - Friendly missiles cannot be effected by Electronic Support. (Unless you're the one firing the missiles.)

I'll be updating this when the "Myth Busters" have new info. Smile

Hope this helps! Very Happy
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BSGO "Myth Busters". What's true, and what isn't.
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